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Ladakh- An Introduction
Ladakh- A land of High passes
The land of high pass- is the trans-Himalayan zone which marks the boundary between the peaks of the western Himalaya and the vast Tibetan plateau. It is a region that
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naturally bends itself to exceptional treks which can still avoid roads for weeks at the time.Hills in Ladakh

Since it opened up to tourism in 1974, Ladakh has been known as the "Moon land", "Little Tibet", and even "the last Shangri-La". Whatever the description, Ladakh is one of the most remote regions of India. For the Ladakh it consists of rugged and inhospitable terrain, tempered only in the depths of the valleys where the minimal rainfall has been diverted along irrigation canals. Here willow trees contrast with the barren mountains cape. These fertile reaches support human habitation, where white-washed settlements and monasteries perched on top of sugarloaf mountains add the essential character to this incredible landscape.
LadakhMountain view in Ladakh , treks in ladakh, trekking in ladakhLadakh is paradise for adventure lover given by its world's mightiest mountain ranges, the Greater Himalaya and the Karakoram, and two others, the Ladakh range and the Zangskar range. The most important feature of trekking in Ladakh is it's High Mountain passes which comes on the trekking routes gives you opportunity to have wonderful view of colorful mountains and amazing landscape everyday. The small isolated villages and hamlets and friendly people on the way greeting you with a magic word "July" (hello) makes your trek memorable. We have put description of a few popular treks only. You could write us if you would like to have other new trekking routes, which are not known to every one or write us if you any request for special trekking routes.
Ladakh is famous for trekking and for cultural tours it lies in the eastern half of Jammu & Kashmir State in the far north of India. It shares its northwestern border with Pakistan and to the north lies the Chinese province and to the east, China. Ladakh is divided into several geographic regions.Ladakh is trekkers Paradise there have many Trekking routes but The Grand Ladakh Trek is most popular in Ladakh tourism
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